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As in previous years, trumpeters from all over Poland will gather in Lublin on 15th of August to present bugle calls from their cities. The event will be held in front of the Crown Tribunal in the Old Town. This year, we will host buglers from 40 cities and towns. Lublin tradition to sound bugle calls dates back to 17th century when it was played from the tower of the Cracow Gate. It was on 7th May 1575 that the bugle call was sounded for the first time in Lublin. The bugle calls have been played continuously for the past 20 years each day in Lublin at noon, at the beginning from the Cracow Gate and at present it is sounded from the balcony of the Town Hall. Schedule of the 21st edition of the National Bugle Calls Festival 2 pm – official welcome of the participants of the 21st edition of the National Bugle Calls Festival – Trybunalska Hall (Crown Tribunal) 3 pm – march past the pedestrian precinct to the Litewski Square with the trumpeters in the company of Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” Brass Band, laying of flowers at the monument 4 pm – grand opening of the 21st edition of the National Bugle Calls Festival by the Mayor Krzysztof Żuk at the Old Town 6 pm – end of the festival.
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European Festival of Taste 2014
This year’s edition will be held in four different places: Lublin Old Town, green areas by ul. Rusałka, Most Kultury [Bridge of Culture] and in Galeria Gala shopping centre. The stars of the festival will be the legendary group Omega, which will perform with symphonic orchestra, and Shantel Bucovina Club Orchestra, the author of the Balkan music hit tune “Disko Partizani”. There will also be concerts of the group Voo Voo with a firemen’s orchestra and Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra. The European Festival of Taste is an interdisciplinary project joining the multicultural taste of the Lublin region with music, exhibitions, cinema, theatre and poetry.
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Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów, 24-27 July, Lublin
200 hours of performances by artists coming from several countries worldwide, over 80 street shows and 3 days of juggling workshops will make up the fifth edition of Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów [Magicians’ Festival]. As in previous year, the festival will be attended by more than 100 000 spectators. Admission to all shows is free of charge.
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Lublin in The Economist
The Economist has developed a supplement devoted to Poland - "Golden Opportunity". Lublin, among others, was one the four cities described by the editors of the magazine. This prestigious honour for our city indicates that Lublin is increasingly being appreciated internationally.
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Launch of "Summer in the City"
Sport, excursions, and cultural events – this is what Municipality of Lublin will provide for children and adolescents during the holidays, as part of the "Summer in the City" initiative. A wide range of events had been prepared by community centres, sporting associations and local clubs in housing estates to cater for our young ones. Most classes are free of charge.
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